A brownie is a cross between a cake and a soft cookie in texture and comes in a variety of forms. Depending on its density, it may be either fudgy or cakey and may include nuts, icing, chocolate chips, or other ingredients

Maul Patisserie’s brownies’ comes in 3 types of products explained below, with 1 added topping of customers’ choice. Currently, we have 13 toppings options. Our brownies also comes in 3 level of ripeness which is Crunchy, Moist, and CrunchyMoist combination.

  1. Original Brownies, a classic brownies.
  2. Special Brownies, unique brownies with Nutella or Ovomaltine as its base.
  3. Matcha Brownies, one of a kind brownies with Matcha as its base.

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