How To Order

  1. Pre order 2 days in advance. For large amount of inquiries, please pre order 5 days in advance. Order by:
    • Fill the form below
    • Phone/WhatsApp : 0857-1557-7314
    • Line Messenger : MaulPatisserie
    • e-Mail : maulpatisserie@gmail.com
  2. Transfer the total amount to Maul Patisserie BCA Account, maximum 24 hours after the inquiry. Above that, your orders are considered cancelled.
  3. Send us the transfer receipt and your order form, including your personal detail.
  4. Your order will be processed only if the transfer has been sent.
  5. Orders cannot be altered nor cancelled once payment is made.


  1. Delivery Day: Monday – Friday.
  2. Delivery Time: 10.00 AM – 05.00 PM.
  3. Currently, most of our order will be delivered via Go-Jek. Since our cakes are fragile, there are risk that the cake will be ruined. Upon ordering, we assume that you understand and accept the risk.
  4. Your orders will be delivered to your personal detail on your chosen delivery date. We do not take delivery time request due to congestion in Jakarta.
  5. You must provide your receipt upon delivery.
  6. The risk in the goods shall also pass to you upon such delivery taking place.


  1. Retrieval Day: Monday – Friday.
  2. Retrieval Time: 10.00 AM – 05.00 PM.
  3. You must provide your receipt upon retrieval.
  4. The risk in the goods shall pass to you upon retrieval taking place.

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